About Us

As many boat stories go, the shop started as a hobby, restoring boats while I was building houses. More than 150 restoration projects later, my hobby has evolved into a full time occupation. We’ve been in business, year round, employing a crew of fine craftspeople, since 1995.

Our Services

What makes us different than other boat shops?

We have learned a lot about boat repair by re-repairing boats that have been worked on at other shops. We strive to be better than the rest. We believe in clean repairs that copy the way the factory built your boat. We use correct fastenings and the original wood used by the manufacturer.

Whenever possible we replace planks in one piece or by replacing sections using scarf joints. We also prefer not to sister frames if we can replace them in one piece or scarf in a new section of frame. We do not believe in “miracle cures in a can” to treat rot, we repair rot by removing it. There is nothing better than replacing rotten wood with new.

It is our belief that keeping your boat as close to its original construction as possible makes it easier to work on down the the road and protects its value. Our services include:

General Maintenance

– includes brightwork, paint upkeep, accessory maintenance and all other cosmetic needs.

Structural Repairs

– includes transom replacement and repair or replacement of decks, planks and frames.

Complete Restorations

– we offer full refurbishment services to bring your family heirloom back to its original factory condition.

Loadmaster Trailer Dealer

– We sell Loadmaster trailers, custom built to support your wooden boat correctly. Ask us for a brochure.

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P.O. Box 173
Wayne, Maine
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